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issue no 15, 081310 / summer 2010

Stan Musilek

Turn on Tomorrow

Ben Hershey, Creative Director

Leo Burnett

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summer 2010 campaigns

42 Below Vodka / David Field
Novartis / Tom Hussey
HBO / David Emmite
Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design / Lars Topelmann
PONY / Ale Burset
Nike / David Emmite
Ambi Pur / Toby Burrows / Montalbetti+Campbell
Isle of Man / Julian Calverley
Nordica USA / Scott Markewitz
Community Coalition for Haiti / Cameron Davidson
Seminole Motocross / Pete Barrett
Playboy Channel / Russ Quackenbush
24 Hour Fitness / Mike Powell
Trollbeads US / Renée Comet
Liberty Mutual / Andy Anderson
USMC / Andy Mahr
ABR / Bill Durgin
Sharpie / Annabelle Breakey
Avizent / Gregory Miller
BlueCross/BlueSheild / Keith Barraclough
Nescafé / Toby Burrows
Boston Private Bank / Carl Tremblay
Ritz Carlton / Erik Almas
Tourism Australia / Adam Taylor
Ray-Ban / Lars Topelmann / Adam Voorhes
Virginia Tourism Corporation / Cameron Davidson
AZEK / Chad Holder
Sombrero Ranches / Richard Hamilton Smith
Almond Board of California / Noel Barnhurst
Nurture by Steelcase / Matthew Turley
Aveda Institutes Florida / Robert Adamo
Costa Del Mar / Christopher Ross
Wyeth-Materna / Hasnain Dattu
Bud Light Lime / KC Armstrong
Medco / Ted Sabarese
LensCrafters / Steve Peixotto
Pfizer / Roger Hagadone
Samsung / Stan Musilek
Newhall Land Company / Eric Schmidt
Boston Breakers / Michael Prince
Dixie Paper Products / Tamara Reynolds
HP / Jim Hughes
Fender / Stewart Cohen
Disney / Florian Schneider
Dodge RAM / Andy Anderson
Amgem / Julian Calverley
Six Flags / Pete Barrett
Physicians Mutual / Jonathan Chapman
Ridgewells / Renée Comet
Zumba Fitness / Mike Powell
Embassy Suites / Patrick Molnar
Vista Caballo / Christopher Wilson
Mississippi Development Authority / Michael Mayo / Roy Ritchie
Barrick Gold / Andy Mahr
Infiniti / RJ Muna
Intel / Marc Tule
EPCOR Utilities Inc. / Kristopher Grunert
Freeride Entertainment / Scott Markewitz
United Dairymen of Idaho / Greg Sims
DalTile / Michael Mayo
Virgin Gaming / Krovblit
Westpac / Toby Burrows
TrafficMaster / Julian Calverley
Anthony Nak Jewelry / Adam Voorhes
Kellogg's / Patrick Molnar
Clipper Windpower / Cameron Davidson
Alonzo King's Lines Ballet / RJ Muna
California / Andy Mahr
Shure / Marc Tule
Friedrich Air Conditioning / David Emmite
New Gold Inc. / Kristopher Grunert
ProTeam / Greg Sims
Scott USA / Scott Markewitz
Valspar / Andy Anderson
Wonders / Keith Barraclough
Florida RenFest / Pete Barrett
Sharpie / Annabelle Breakey
Music Maker Relief Foundation / Jimmy Williams
Hurricane Voices / Carl Tremblay
T-Mobile / Lars Topelmann
Trollbeads US / Renée Comet
Vitamin Water / Russ Quackenbush
WakeMed Hospitals / Christopher Wilson
Progressive / Bruce Peterson
Kokanee Beer / Krovblit
Toto / Erik Almas
ANA Airlines / Montalbetti+Campbell
Pedigree / Dazeley
Manheim / Keeney + Law
Promethean / Gregory Miller
24 Hour Fitness / Mike Powell
EPA / Roy Ritchie
Compellent / Jonathan Chapman