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issue no. 36 / winter 2016
Dana Neibert

Dana Neibert


Carmichael Lynch

Bob Berken, Creative Director

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Epson / Glen Wexler
Nike / Dan Saelinger
Alonzo King Lines Ballet / RJ Muna
Savant Systems / Alex Hayden
Botox / Erik Almas
Reebok / David Emmite
10X / Tyler Stableford
International Trucks / Tim Tadder
Aguila Ammunition / Andy Mahr
Betway / Adrian Myers
Ford / David Westphal
MCS / Adrian Myers
Meowbox / Andrey Popov
Subaru / Dana Neibert / Zachary Scott
Stewart Christie & Co. / Richard Schultz
Ford Motor Company / Joseph Puhy
Starbucks / Annabelle Breakey
Subaru / Dana Neibert
Leather Gloves Online / Holly Stewart
Captain Morgan / The Voorhes
Kaiser Permanente / Tyler Gourley
American Cancer Society / Sandro
Reebok / Andy Mahr
ExxonMobile / Vegar Abelsnes
Southwest Airlines / Christopher Wilson
AT&T / Russ Quackenbush
Reebok / Tim Tadder
Origins / Rich Begany
Showtime / James Porto
Visa / Erin Kunkel
AnyiLu / Holly Stewart
Chase / Jim Erickson
Hyatt / Richard Schultz
Bentley / Simon Stock
Encanto Pops / Stewart Cohen
Martha Stewart Crafts / Tara Donne
AMC / Walling McGarity
TReO / Andrey Popov
Blue Buffalo Company / Lennette Newell
Kellogg's Rice Krispies / Dan Saelinger
Bare Escentuals / Stan Musilek
Savant Systems / Alex Hayden
Scout Books / Nicolle Clemetson
Shop Your Way / Ron Berg
Patron / Trevor Pearson
US Dairy Export Council / Jennifer Davick
Flor De Caña / Nick Hall
Esquire Network / Tyler Gourley
Timberland Pro / Andy Mahr
FedEx / The Voorhes
Thrive™ / Annabelle Breakey
Kikkoman / Holly Stewart
Jim Findlay / Walling McGarity
Unity Seeds / Harold Lee Miller
Willamette Week Give! Guide / Andy Batt
Moon Palace Resort / Dana Neibert
Homeboy Industries / Tyler Gourley
Royal Robbins / Jim Hughes
City of Hope / Russ Quackenbush
Bear Creek Soups / Jennifer Davick
The Black Tux / Carlos Rios
Origins / Rich Begany
Walls Outdoor Goods / Tyler Stableford
Dark Sky Films / Ransom & Mitchell
Dance4Life / Edo Kars
Legacy / Russ Quackenbush
Healthmarkets / Chris Crisman
Atlantic City Alliance / Vegar Abelsnes
New Seasons Market / Jim Golden
Uceris / Erik Almas
Willamette Week Give! Guide / Andy Batt
Vicks Nyquil/Dayquil / Clint Blowers
Go RVing / Vegar Abelsnes
California Fish Grill / Dana Hursey
Miller/Coors / Clint Blowers
Procter and Gamble / Lisa Predko
Tide and Pool / Matt Sartain
IHOP / Ron Berg
Joe Bonamassa / Robb Aaron Gordon
Carnival / Erik Almas
Oscar Mayer / Clint Blowers
CMT / Andy Batt