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issue no. 38 / fall 2016
Joseph Puhy

Joseph Puhy

Hagerty Magazine
Hard To Kill

Todd Kraemer, Senior Art Director

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Esquire / Nigel Parry
Hi-Fructose / Ransom & Mitchell
New York Magazine / Maxine Helfman
Harpers Bazaar Brazil / Jim Golden
New York Magazine / Nigel Parry
Mazda / Brian Konoske
The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences / Elisabeth Caren
Hagerty / Joseph Puhy
The Nature Conservancy / Kevin Arnold
Oscar Carvallo Paris / Mauricio Candela
Ferrari / Simon Stock
1859 Oregon's Magazine / Andy Batt
Rodale / Clint Blowers
Darling Magazine / Dana Hursey
Sunset Magazine / Erin Kunkel
The New Yorker / Jeff Brown
O, The Oprah Magazine / Jonathon Kambouris
Chicago Magazine / Lisa Predko
Oprah / Marshall Troy
Real Simple / Christopher Griffith
The LA Fashion / Rich Begany
Time Inc. / The Voorhes
The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences / Elisabeth Caren
The New York Times Magazine / Jeff Brown
Marketing News / Lisa Predko
Philadelphia Magazine / Clint Blowers
Foot Wear News / Jonathon Kambouris
Philadelphia Magazine / Dan Saelinger
1859 Oregon's Magazine / Andy Batt
Forbes / Michael Prince
Men's Health Magazine / Dan Saelinger
Bonnier / Jim Golden
Temple University / Clint Blowers
Illinois Meetings + Events Magazine / Lisa Predko
Oprah / Marshall Troy
Entrepreneur / Dan Saelinger
People Magazine / Erin Kunkel
Caruso Family Foods / Dana Hursey