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issue no. 39 / winter 2017
Patrick Molnar

Patrick Molnar

People Embracing People

Darling NYC

Jeroen Bors, Creative Director
Kelly Platt, Creative Director

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Reebok / Tim Tadder
Dior / Stan Musilek
Pirelli / Fulvio Bonavia
Sony / Mauricio Candela
Bentley / Simon Stock
Nike Jordan / Dan Saelinger
Dodge / Dana Neibert
Mazda Global / Brian Konoske
Nissan / Wilson Hennessy
Serengeti Eyewear / Kevin Arnold
Acura / Saddington Baynes
Discovery Channel Print / Jason Elias
Amazon Direct / Dan Saelinger
Amgen / Sue Tallon
Brooks Running / David Emmite
Rail Delivery Group / Todd Antony
The Black Tux X Ovadia & Sons / Carlos Rios
Jack Daniels / Trident Post Production
Citibank / Gary Land
Mazda / Mauricio Candela
Chevy / Dana Neibert
Gatorade / Matt Hawthorne
Northrop Grumman / Gary Land
Subaru Global / David Westphal
Alonzo King LINES Ballet / RJ Muna
Off The Street Club / Sandro
BMW / Fulvio Bonavia
adidas originals / Jim Golden
Zumba Fitness / Mauricio Candela
Nespresso / Nigel Parry
Allied Irish Bank / Christopher Lindhorst
Clive Barker / Ransom & Mitchell
Amazon / Dan Saelinger
Ford / David Westphal
Bauer / Gary Land
Audemars Piguet / Mauricio Candela
Mazda / RJ Muna
Reebok / Tim Tadder
Timberland Pro Series / Andy Mahr
Tissot / Wilson Hennessy
Buena Vista University / Michael Prince
Timber Design / Harold Lee Miller
Bentley / Simon Stock
Lundbeck Pharmaceutical / Jens Honoré
Kellogg's / Clint Blowers
MPI Media Group / Ransom & Mitchell
Christian Dior / Travis Rathbone
Lowe's Home Improvement / Dana Hursey
The Cape Hotel / Nick Hall
Crate and Barrel / The Voorhes
Head and Shoulders / Russ Quackenbush
Publix Super Markets / Jennifer Davick
Northwestern Medicine / Dana Neibert
Let Go / Sebastian Gray
Travel Channel / Walling McGarity
Teuffel / Stan Musilek
Battelle / Mark Katzman
Michelob Golden Light / Kevin Arnold
Bulwark / Patrick Molnar
South Dakota Tourism / Kevin Steele
Macy's / James Salzano
Nike / Tim Tadder
Coors / David Martinez
LXMI / Claudia Goetzelmann
Coca Cola / Lucila Blumencweig
Great Lakes Home / Nathan Kirkman
Droga 5 - Dixie / Marshall Troy
Oakley / RJ Muna
Vicks NyQuil / Trident Post Production
Perricone MD / Michael Crichton
Nike, Inc / Jim Golden
Delta / Patrick Molnar
Kraft Heinz / The Voorhes
Michael Kors / Travis Rathbone
Hyundai / Wilson Hennessy
Carol's Daughter / Beth Galton
Viking Footwear / Vegard Breie
Fullscreen / Michael Lewis
Invision / Harold Lee Miller
Arizona Lottery / Jesse Rieser
Chicago Blackhawks / Sandro
Marantha / Patrick Molnar
Gramps The Vamp / Jacob Watts
Auto Trader / Russ Quackenbush
Thos. Moser / Trent Bell
OOWA / Claudia Goetzelmann
NYC Department of Health / James Weber
Maya Romanoff / Nathan Kirkman
Turnberry Golf Course Scotland / Simon Stock
Origins / Rich Begany
Coloplast / Jens Honoré
Fernet Branca / Lucila Blumencweig
Grei NYC / Walling McGarity
Odlo / Adrian Myers
Travel Channel / Walling McGarity
Visit Huntington Beach / Kevin Steele
Cup Noodles / Dana Hursey
Cosentyx / Russ Quackenbush
Takeda Pharmaceuticals / James Salzano
Lunchables / Beth Galton
United Airlines / Jim Hughes
Olay / Rich Begany
Big Heart Pet Brands / Lennette Newell
Pure Leaf / Travis Rathbone
Clorox / Jim Golden
Bob's Red Mill / David Emmite
Pavecon / Andy Mahr
Unity Seed / Harold Lee Miller
Pfizer / Bristol-Myers Squibb / Lisa Wiseman
Lucy Activewear / David Martinez
Qualcomm / Andy Mahr
V8 / David Martinez
LXMI / Claudia Goetzelmann
Dean's Dip / Dana Hursey
Honda Financial Services / John Blais
Kateeva / Lisa Wiseman
Primera Huella / Lucila Blumencweig