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issue no. 22 / spring 2012
commercial photographer:

Patrick Molnar

Miller 64
Miller 64

Arc Worldwide

Ryan Maconochie, Creative Director
Allie Golden, Art Director
Dave Rice, Art Producer

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NEW motion / videography campaigns
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editorial photography campaigns

MGM Grand / Brian Kuhlmann
Lexus / Paul Barshon
Pangea Seed / Purebred
Subaru / Tyler Gray / Marc Rogoff
Cadillac / RJ Muna
Cox Communication, Inc. / Jim Hughes
AOLMail / Richard Schultz
Motorola / Sandro
North Carolina Tourism / William Huber
Johnson and Johnson / Lori Adamski-Peek
Pd46 / Dana Hursey
Neiman Marcus / Kiyoshi Togashi
MDX - Miami Transit Authority / Pete Barrett
ODC Dance / RJ Muna
The Met / William Huber
Teva / Dwight Eschliman
Transitions Lenses / Richard Schultz
Kettle Brand Potato Chips / Trevor Pearson
Starbucks / Annabelle Breakey
Fruit of the Loom / Jimmy Williams
The GAP / Robert Schlatter
Charter / Todd Baxter
Mercedes / Holger Wild
Athleta / Lori Adamski-Peek
Verizon / RJ Muna
The Guardian / Jonathan Knowles
Xerox / Dwight Eschliman
AOLMail / Richard Schultz
Oakley / Rod McLean
adidas / Daniel Root
McDonald's / Jonathan Chapman
Audi A7 / Holger Wild
McDonald's / Michael Crichton
Toyota / Trevor Pearson
Kikkoman / Holly Stewart
Gatorade / David Emmite
Fruit of the Loom / Kiyoshi Togashi
Waters Corporation / Michael Indresano
The Liberators / Andy Batt
Globe Aware / Tom Hussey
Berje Essential Oils / Kiyoshi Togashi
Benadryl / David Emmite
Dolby Labs / Richard Schultz
Velcro / Michael Indresano
Regions Bank / Jimmy Williams
Bahrain Ministry of Tourism / Garry Owens
Tria / Stan Musilek
Target RED / Jonathan Chapman
Mighty Leaf Tea / Holly Stewart
Amerigroup Corp. Healthcare / Beth Perkins
NAU / Andy Batt
EMP Museum, Seattle / Michael Clinard
Gehrlicher / Michael Nager
UMB / Ron Berg
The Coca-Cola Company / Brian Kuhlmann
Meow Mix / Lennette Newell
Procter & Gamble / Lori Adamski-Peek
Comcast / Patrick Molnar
Bank of America / Beth Perkins
Amgen / Eric Schmidt
Little Debbie / Jimmy Williams
UnitedHealthcare / Dana Hursey
Budweiser / Krovblit
Dixie Paper Products / Tamara Reynolds
Liberty Mutual / William Huber
Georgia Power / David Arky
Boston Scientific / Carl Tremblay
Audi / Holger Wild
Marvin Windows / Chad Holder
TD Bank / Hasnain Dattu
Purina / Lennette Newell
Sprite / Toby Burrows
Athleta / Lori Adamski-Peek
Tropicana / Bob Croslin
YMCA / Jonathan Chapman
AT+T / David Emmite
Miller 64 / Patrick Molnar
Sunrise Senior Living / Pete Barrett
Spanx / Alex Martinez
DePuy Orthopaedics / Lori Adamski-Peek
Upper Playground / Purebred
IU Health / Richard Schultz
The Broadmoor / Tom Hussey
Method / Annabelle Breakey
Zyliss / Stan Musilek