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issue no. 21 / winter 2012
commercial photographer:

Patrick Molnar

Merrill Lynch
Wealth Management

Hill Holliday

Jim Hagar, Creative Director
Kate Geskos, Art Producer

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NEW motion / videography campaigns
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Motorola / Sandro
Credit Suisse / Erik Almas
Ford / David Westphal
Vietri / Lisa Adams
Lincoln / Toshi Oku
Sony / Hasnain Dattu
Metallica & Lou Reed / Stan Musilek
American Airlines / Dana Neibert
Samsung / George Simhoni
Fruit of the Loom / Kiyoshi Togashi
Coca Cola / Tyler Gray
Waveform Kinetics / Carl Zapp
Odyssey Golf / Marc Tule
Fashion Valley / Zena Holloway
Hadleigh's / Fredrik Brodén
Alonzo King Lines Ballet / RJ Muna
Costa Del Mar Sunglasses / Christopher Wilson
Campo Viejo / Jonathan Knowles
Lenovo / Pete Barrett
Walden University / Jimmy Williams
Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec / Normand Robert
Telstra/Legacy / Simon Harsent
Publix Supermarkets / Lisa Adams
AT&T / Vegar Abelsnes
Ford / David Westphal
Caesars Casinos / Adam Voorhes
AARP / Richard Schultz
Starbucks / Annabelle Breakey
Diamond Foods Inc. / Trevor Pearson
HP / Andy Batt
Ford / David Westphal
Range Rover / Richard Schultz
Monsanto / Scott Ferguson
Volkswagen / Chris Sisarich
Ping / Marc Tule
Motorola / Sandro
Thule / Scott Markewitz
Volkswagen / Chris Sisarich
Reebok / Brian Kuhlmann
Orbit / Alberto Oviedo
Salomon / Scott Markewitz
Honda / Toshi Oku
Trump Hotels / Andy Anderson
Reeds Jewelry / Christopher Wilson
Nike / John Huet
Merrill Lynch / Patrick Molnar
Oakley / RJ Muna
Motorola / Sandro
Reebok / Brian Kuhlmann
The Iams Company / Lennette Newell
Blurb eBook Publishing / Christopher Wilson
Chevron / Dwight Eschliman
Subaru / Raina+Wilson
Brooks Running / David Emmite
Sony / Marc Tule
Fisher & Paykel / Adam Taylor
Lakeshore Paddle Company / Shaun Fenn
Perpetual / Garry Owens
Tonton Sauces / Lisa Adams
Oregon Cultural Trust / Andy Batt
Cadbury Ireland / Jonathan Knowles
Employers / Richard Schultz
CPMC - Sutter Health / Jim Erickson / Christoph Martin Schmid
Bauer / Patrick Molnar
Mission Cycling / Rod McLean
Toronto-Dominion Bank / Jim Erickson
Bright House Networks / Dana Neibert
Spanx / Alex Martinez
Batory Foods / Michael Maes
Palmetto Health / George Fulton
Marvin Windows / Jonathan Chapman
Georgia Tourism / Harold Daniels
Berje Essential Oils / Kiyoshi Togashi
Steward Healthcare Services / Carl Tremblay
University of Phoenix / Michael Prince
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf / Trevor Pearson
Morningstar Farms / Chris Crisman
Lowe's / Jonathan Chapman
Frito-Lay / Tom Hussey
Kraft Foods / Brian Kuhlmann
Staples / Michael Indresano
Dunkin' Donuts / Jim Scherer
Merrill Lynch / Patrick Molnar
Clear / Jim Hughes
Cagliari Airport / Francesco Bittichesu
AT&T / Alex Martinez
Select Health / Andy Anderson
Capella University / Jonathan Chapman
Jerzees/Russell Brands / Jimmy Williams
Mass Development / Carl Tremblay