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issue no. 26 / spring 2013
commercial photographer:

RJ Muna

Alonzo King Lines Ballet
2013 Spring Season

Alonzo King Lines Ballet (In-House)

Robert Rosenwasser, Creative Director

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NEW motion / videography campaigns
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Verizon / Andy Batt
Victorinox Swiss Army Knives / Michael Nager
Toyo Tires / Andy Mahr
Showtime / James Porto
Thomann / Darius Ramazani
Master Card / Simon Harsent
Diner's Club / Andy Anderson
Department of Homeland Security / Jimmy Williams
Pfizer Animal Health / LSD marco*paolo
Bundaberg Rum / Andreas Smetana
U.S. Army / Bill Cash
Chick-fil-A / Andy Mahr
Whiskas / George Logan
Canon / Simon Harsent
UNREAL Candy / Craig Orsini
Oaklawn Race Track / Dave Anderson
Yamaha Marine / LSD marco*paolo
Benefit Cosmetics / David Emmite
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center / Michael Prince
Dalton Kellett Racing / Tyler Gray
Alonzo King Lines Ballet / RJ Muna
Honda / Trevor Pearson
IKEA / Laurie Frankel
Square / Dave Lauridsen
Logitech, Inc. / Annabelle Breakey
Ally Bank / Taylor Castle
Manulife Financial / Tyler Gray
Country Music Television / Andy Batt
Samsung / Jonathan Chapman
Budweiser / Sam Kaplan
smart / Frank Schott
Toyota / Trevor Pearson
Showtime / Jim Fiscus
Jeep / David Westphal
Cialis / Raina+Wilson
Lexus / RJ Muna
Bank of America / Beth Perkins
Schweppes / Adam Taylor
Revo / Rod McLean
Harley Davidson / Clint Blowers
Pfizer Animal Health / LSD marco*paolo
SKYY Spirits / Thierry Bearzatto
Nissan / Gary Land
Wet Ones / Clint Blowers
TD Bank / Geneviève Caron
Sony / Marc Tule
CWX / David Emmite
Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. / Simon Harsent
Amazon / Todd Tankersley
New Balance / John Huet
Ski Doo / Eric Kiel
Alternative Apparel / Alex Martinez
Schwinn / Jonathan Chapman
Amway / Kiyoshi Togashi
Bellevue Towers / Eric Kiel
ICU / Todd Tankersley
Freedom 55 / George Simhoni
Moretti Beer / LSD marco*paolo
John West / Andreas Smetana
MilkPEP / Sandro
Topo Athletic / John Huet
Zumba Fitness / Dania Graibe
Keen Footwear / David Emmite
Blue Buffalo / Lennette Newell
JUICE Pharma / Monica Stevenson
Synribo by Teva Pharmaceuticals / Jimmy Williams
City Year / Gary Land
Energie und Wasser Potsdam / Darius Ramazani
Resist Comfort / Thierry Bearzatto
UR Immunization / George Simhoni
Zoetis / Saverio Truglia
Powertap / Michael Moore
Travel Alberta / George Simhoni
e-Swisher / Eric Kiel
Coca-Cola / Alex Farnum
ColorProof Evolved Color Care / Thierry Bearzatto
HP / Jim Hughes
Kraft / Clayton Hauck
Publix Super Markets / Lisa Adams
Starbucks / Dan Goldberg
McGraw Hill / Kiyoshi Togashi
JP Morgan Chase / Blaise Hayward
Thinsations / Raina+Wilson
World Vision / Darius Ramazani
Kmart / Clayton Hauck
Blue Diamond / Michael Crichton
Fruit of the Loom / Jimmy Williams
Monster Headphones / Embry Rucker
Cimzia / Lisa Wiseman
Spanx / Alex Martinez
Society Insurance / Michael Moore
Stacey Hallal / Andy Batt
Dirty Granny Cider / Andreas Smetana
Demand Media / Dave Lauridsen
Legacy / Beth Perkins
Blue Buffalo / Lennette Newell