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issue no. 26 / spring 2013
commercial photographer:

RJ Muna

Wired Magazine
Automotive Edition

Kristen Fortier, Art Director

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NEW motion / videography campaigns
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Fortune / Sam Kaplan
Wired UK / Chris Crisman
Atlanta Magazine / Alex Martinez
Improper Bostonian / John Huet
Bambi Magazine / Marc Rogoff
Sunset Publishing Corporation / Annabelle Breakey
Tesla Motors for Wired Magazine / RJ Muna
Time Out Chicago / Taylor Castle
NY Times Magazine / Thomas Chadwick
AARP / Michael Clinard
Pace Communications / Dave Lauridsen
ESPN The Magazine / John Huet
Simon and Schuster / Monica Stevenson
Readers Digest / Raina+Wilson
Readers Digest / Raina+Wilson
New York Magazine / Sam Kaplan
The Times Magazine / Robert Wilson
GEO Magazine / Brian Hodges
Village Voice / James Porto
Philadelphia Magazine / Clint Blowers
Improper Bostonian / John Huet
ESPN the Magazine / Taylor Castle
Mental Floss / Michael Clinard
Preferred Magazine / Raina+Wilson
The Boston Globe / Jim Scherer
Philadelphia Magazine / Chris Crisman
Rodale / Clint Blowers
Adweek / Michael Clinard
Bloomberg Businessweek / Fredrik Brodén
March Fourth Marching Band / Andy Batt
Pace Communications / Dave Lauridsen
University of Michigan / Clint Blowers
NYLONGuys / Lisa Wiseman
Zumba Fitness / Dania Graibe