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issue no. 25 / winter 2013
commercial photographer:

Dana Neibert



Billy Previdi, Art Director
Alex Tasch, Art Producer

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NEW motion / videography campaigns
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editorial photography campaigns

Absolut / Erik Almas
BMW / Douglas FIsher
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf / Trevor Pearson
Oscar Mayer / Dan Goldberg
KIA / Tyler Gray
AAA / Michael Indresano
FIAT / RJ Muna
Four Seasons / Robb Aaron Gordon
RAM Trucks / Andy Mahr
RAM Trucks / Andy Anderson
RAM Trucks / Matthew Turley
RAM Trucks / David Westphal
Cargill / Eric Schmidt
Sony / Marc Tule
Target / Michael Crichton
ACURA / Thierry Bearzatto
American Airlines / Dana Neibert
Inifiniti / Toshi Oku
Volkswagen / Trevor Pearson
Guinness / Douglas FIsher
Scion / Bill Cash
Norwegian Special Forces / Vegard Breie
Cartier / Kiyoshi Togashi
P&G / Stewart Cohen
Leo Burnett / Chris Cassidy
Square / Dwight Eschliman
Warchild / Raina+Wilson
Nissan / Toshi Oku
P&G / Bounty Paper Towels / Brian Kuhlmann
Vibram / Michael Indresano
Claire's / Todd Baxter
Advair / Dana Neibert
Belgard Hardscapes / Jimmy Williams
Steppenwolf Theatre / Sandro
Alonzo King Lines Ballet / RJ Muna
US Army / Rod McLean
Texas Toursim / Andy Mahr
AT&T / Vegar Abelsnes
Martin Patrick 3 / Jonathan Chapman
Peace One Day / Chris Cassidy
Kanzenkai / Raina+Wilson
The Weather Channel / Thomas Chadwick
Summerlin / Rod McLean
Outdoor Research / Trevor Pearson
Telenor Denmark / Bill Cash
Mighty Leaf Tea / Holly Stewart
Liss Fain Dance / RJ Muna
University of Chicago Medicine / Sandro
Galaxy / Erik Almas
Tiny Prints / Todd Tankersley
Hanes / Robb Aaron Gordon
Publix Super Markets / Lisa Adams
Chevron / Richard Schultz
Chobani / Kiyoshi Togashi
Hadleigh's / Fredrik Brodén
Hadleigh's / Fredrik Brodén
Hasselblad / Ripley & Ripley
Land Rover / Scott Markewitz
Vermont Marble / William Huber
Maori Bistro / Holly Stewart
Lovate Health Sciences International / Raina+Wilson
Candace Kelly / Robb Aaron Gordon
Casino Rama / Tyler Gray
Unilever / Kiyoshi Togashi
Lexus / Ripley & Ripley
AnyiLu / Holly Stewart
OLG - Proline / Tyler Gray
NARAL / Lisa Wiseman
Symantec / Richard Schultz
AOL / Annabelle Breakey
Coors Light / Stewart Cohen
Bank of America / Beth Perkins
P & G / Scope Mouthwash / David Emmite
Horseshoe Casinos / Brian Kuhlmann
Hood / Jim Scherer
Fossil / Daymion Mardel
UnitedHealth Group / Jonathan Chapman
Transititons / Richard Schultz
Mental Health Association of San Francisco / Lisa Wiseman
Divi Resorts / Jimmy Williams
Origin Energy / Adam Taylor
Cumberland Farms / Michael Indresano
The Finish Line, Inc. / Brian Kuhlmann