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issue no. 40 / spring 2017
Jim Golden

Jim Golden

Jockey Spring

J. Schmidt

Matt Fey, Creative Director

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Airbus Corporate Jets / RJ Muna
Virgin Media / Christopher Lindhorst
Firestone / Andy Anderson
Hewlett-Packard / Jim Hughes
Toyota / Saddington Baynes
Citibank / Trident Post Production
International 12 Metre Association / Richard Schultz
American Apparel / Stan Musilek
FMC / Andy Anderson
AARP / Walter Smith
Arizona Lottery / Jesse Rieser
Diageo / The Voorhes
Chocolate Milk / Paul Aresu
US Urban Soccer Park / Tucker
Nokia / Glen Wexler
Sephora / Travis Rathbone
Fiverr / Sandro
Grei NYC / Walling McGarity
The Revival Theater / Jacob Watts
Cirque Du Soleil / Russ Quackenbush
Bentley / Simon Stock
Phillips 66 / Richard Schultz
Honda / Saddington Baynes
Dior / Stan Musilek
San Pellegrino / Trident Post Production
Purina Vet / Andy Mahr
Travel Channel / Walling McGarity
Lowe's Home Improvement / Dana Hursey
Ford F150 / Joseph Puhy
Chevron / Richard Schultz
Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats / Clint Blowers
Wallis Ranch - Trumark / Kevin Steele
Google / Travis Rathbone
This Moment / Tucker
Gates / Jamie Kripke
Arctic Cat / Kevin Arnold
Starbucks Coffee Company / Annabelle Breakey
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf / Trevor Pearson
Hoka One One / Jim Golden
Dolby Laboratories / Ethan Pines
Adidas Y3 / Nicholas Duers
Keilhauer / Michael Crichton
Nokia / Glen Wexler
American Apparel / Stan Musilek
Brookside / The Voorhes
Craghoppers / Simon Stock
Aguila Ammunition / Andy Mahr
Upslope Brewing / Jamie Kripke
Chefs Cut / Russ Quackenbush
Clinique / Travis Rathbone
Zukes / Andy Mahr
Denny's / Beth Galton
Trixie Mattel / Lisa Predko
Think Thin / Dana Hursey
Method / Annabelle Breakey
New City Brewery / David Butler
Bryant University / Trent Bell
Cosentyx / Russ Quackenbush
Even / Tucker
Amazon Direct / Dan Saelinger
Travel Channel / Walling McGarity
Bacardi / Greg Stroube
Benji / Dana Hursey
Blue Buffalo Company / Lennette Newell
Jockey / Jim Golden
Nokia / Glen Wexler
/ Nicholas Duers
CVS / Jim Hughes
Milto / Harold Lee Miller
Santa Ynez Valley Tourism / Kevin Steele
Jo Malone London / Rich Begany