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issue no. 41 / summer 2017
Paul Elledge

Paul Elledge

Goodman Theatre
The Power of Theater

Goodman Theatre (In-House)

Kelly Rickert, Creative Director

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Alpha Romeo / Andy Mahr
Ballygowan / Christopher Lindhorst
Honda Europe / Boom CGI
Itau / Mauricio Candela
Romilly Wilde / Marc Rogoff
Shangri LA Hotels / Simon Stock
Nike Jordan / Dan Saelinger
Kawasaki / Dana Neibert
Alfa Romeo / Lians Jadan
Powerade - The Coca Cola Company / Lucila Blumencweig
Ralph Lauren / Nicholas Duers
DuPont / RJ Muna
Sony PlayStation / Tyler Gourley
Timberland / Andy Mahr
Ad Council /Humane Society / Shelter Pets Project / Zack Seckler
Philippe Chow / Lucas Zarebinski
Subaru North America / Brian Konoske
Alonzo King LINES Ballet / RJ Muna
Capital One / Glen Wexler
Goodman Theatre / Paul Elledge
Sephora / Annabelle Breakey
Mac's Convenience / Stephen Cribbin
Delta Airlines / Mauricio Candela
Las Vegas Tourism / Kerry Shaw
Subaru / Tyler Gourley
Ventana Inn & Spa / Eric Stein
KMART / Pete Thompson
US Urban Soccer Park / Tucker
Primera Huella / Lucila Blumencweig
MAC / Jonathon Kambouris
Chevrolet / Patrick Curtet
Samsung / Travis Rathbone
Salvation Army / Saddington Baynes
Powder Couture / Walling McGarity
Ford F-150 / Mauricio Candela
Rolls Royce / Tyler Gourley
PepsiCo / Lucas Zarebinski
Aspria / Marc Rogoff
Brita / Saddington Baynes
Pure Leaf / Travis Rathbone
TUMI / Adrian Mueller
Purina / Lennette Newell / Stephen Cribbin
Lowe's Home Improvement / Dana Hursey
Autocamp / David Martinez
Ralph Lauren / Nicholas Duers
High Noon Vodka / Sandro
Ping / David Butler
Method / Annabelle Breakey
Harry's / Marshall Troy
Publix / Stephen DeVries
Brighthouse Financial / Zack Seckler
Target / Dan Saelinger
AdCraft / Lians Jadan
BlackBerry / Patrick Curtet
Four Seasons Hotels / Simon Stock
DriveNow / Thomas Juul
The Coca Cola Company / Lucila Blumencweig
Discovery Channel / Jason Elias
eBay / David Martinez
GUINNESS / Michael Dwornik
BC Lions / Lindsay Siu
Origins / Rich Begany
Dior / Travis Rathbone
Oscar Mayer / Lucas Zarebinski
Acura / Saddington Baynes
Rapport / Marc Rogoff
Chanel / Stan Musilek
Westfield / Adrian Mueller
KOPU Water / Kevin Steele
ODC/Dance / RJ Muna
Carmel Valley Ranch / Eric Stein
Cooper Carry Architecture and Design / Carla Ciuffo
Unispace / Trent Bell
Divano Lounge / Ethan Pines
Intellian Technologies / Nick Hall
Kerrygold / Tyllie Barbosa
Mykita / Stan Musilek
Harwood / Stan Musilek
Stella Artois / Adrian Mueller
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf / Dana Hursey
Target / Braden Summers
Harry Winston / Nicholas Duers
AutoZone / Clint Blowers
Vancouver Aquarium / Lindsay Siu
Tim Hortons / Annabelle Breakey
50 South Capital / Cynthia Lynn
JC Resorts / Kevin Steele