Photographer Representatives

Our commercial photographers are represented by these wonderful photography representatives.


Anyway Reps

Art Department

Deborah Ayerst

Peter Bailey Productions (NY)

Beauty & Photo

Big Leo Productions

Renee Bills

Steve Bishop

Bottle Rocket

Jigisha Bouverat Collective

Brite Productons

Ray Brown Productions

Burnham Niker

Jennifer Butters

Marilyn Cadenbach

Marianne Campbell Associates

Judy Casey

Justin Chan

Jennifer Chapman Represents

John Cogan - Goodnoise

Randy Cole Represents

Compulsive Pictures

Geneviève Croteau

Eason Management

Heather Elder

ETC Creative, Inc.

The Food Agency

Fox Creative

Friend & Johnson

Candace Gelman & Associates

Mark George

Michael Ginsburg & Associates

Greenhouse Reps

The Gren Group

Pam Hamilton

Heart + Soul

Andrea Heberger


Jesse Hughes

Barbara Johns

Nadine Kalmes

Frans Kuypers

Sarah Laird & Good Company

Anderson Lopes

Alicia Maes

Rebecca McCubbin

Judy McGrath & Associates, Inc.

Ralph Mennemeyer

Farimah Milani

Tim Mitchell Artist Representative

Janice Moses

Quitze Nelson

Martha North

Clare O'Dea

Beverly Ornstein


Katie Patterson

Peter Bailey Productions (UK)


Pinkstaff Photographers

Elizabeth Pojé

Red N Raw Productions

Lynn Reif

RepGirl, Inc.

Rockenfeller & Göbels

Rodeo Production

Patti Schumann

Sharpe + Associates, Inc.

Judy Shin


Sidecar Worldwide

Six Seven Photographic

Roy Skillicorn

Stockland Martel

Sunday Afternoon

Teeson Reps

Tidepool Reps

TPD New York

Trayler & Trayler

Doug Truppe Represents

Maggie Wasserman

WiB Agency

Cathy Wilson

Wyatt-Clarke & Jones

Lesley Zahara

Amy Zimmerman